Yearning (for sleep)

Let my head rest on a pillow,
and let the world pass me by.
Let me get lost in the dreams I buried,
in the rest that never took flight.

Let me sleep in the hollows of acceptance,
that what has been done has been enough.
Let me rest in the knowledge
that the world seeks of me no more.

Let me breathe out in weary sighs,
and let the pillows take my weight.
Let the warriness fall off,
like leaves on Autumn ground.

May my dreamings be of good things,
that recharge a weary soul.
May the outcomes of this slumber
bring peace to a tired mind.

penned. (I only write this so i can retrieve it later by searchword, in case anyone’s ever wondered) 23:52pm, 5th October 2016.

We all want sleep.
Can’t have it, but i can yearn and write about it, eh


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