We all seek forgiveness, of being not good enough

We all seek the forgiveness of being a not good enough person.

The extra cake being eaten, the harsh word being said
the work being not done, the living will to rather be dead
The arms and feet that will not move, the mouth that moves quite a bit too much
The wicked thoughts being had, the wicked things being touched
The riches stored and not freely given, the judgement placed on another’s head
The choice to pick ignorance over work, the paths of humility that are not tread.

If salvation ran in liquid for all who were beneath what it were worth,
flooded still would be the world, land itself would not be birthed.
Whether salvation exists for me and you, neither of us has authority to tell.
But I’m sure we are both left wondering if there is difference made if one believed in heaven and in hell.

04Dec2013 penned


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