The Squirrel & its acorn

there’s a squirrel that fell in love with an acorn,
it fell in love with its food.
What to do with its dilemma,
it would sit about and brood.

One day when the acorn said it wanted a rest,
the squirrel buried it in the ground.
And when a hunter got in the way,
the squirrel had to scamper off, and its
beloved acorn’s location, was no where to be found.

The squirrel searched high and low,
but all to no avail.
It hung its head and heaved a sigh,
and drooped its bushy tail.

Years went by, the squirrel loved again,
this time with its own kind.
And as the two took shelter from a storm,
the squirrel thought something felt familiar about the tree,
and made a mental note to keep it in mind.

because someone sent me a retweet about how the sun loved the moon.(:



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