The mortality of friendship

Come with me to the world’s end.
We’ll journey through the years.
We’ll wear out the jokes we’ve made between us,
Till our memories etch deeper than their fading words.

We’ll breathe in starlight,
and melt with the sand.
Inhale the colours of the wind.

We’ll feel the fragrance,
and taste the sky.
We’ll go far, you and I.

We’ll ride a leprechaun’s bridge of dreams,
Pulling taffy at its seams.
Listen to sirens on Atlantis’s coast
Unbury the trinkets you treasure most

We’ll crumble the seeds
of politicians past,
And maybe we’ll find out
If the mortality of friendship
was meant to last.

8th April 2017, penned.
second revision. prompt I left for myself a month or two ago on the mortality of friendship. hope you guys like it! I quite like it, hahah


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