The Fox and his Shadow

There is a fox that befriended its shadow.
It’d be honest as a friend
telling its shadow how pretty it looked in its outline,
how sleek it looked as a whole

So honest, that the fox would tell it and tell it off
when it had done something bad
scoffing at its shadow, exclaiming,
“Don’t bite the shadow of the rabbit!
It’s not nice”

All throughout, the shadow kept silent.
Such was its lot in life to be mute,
and follow the fox’s every whim.
Continually it was blamed,
When all it was doing, was following the fox.

At the end of the fox’s life,
he looked at his shadow and said “brother, let us make peace.”
As the fox’s flame of life extinguished,
its shadow was left all alone,
with no ability to contradict.

penned. 6th November 2013, 2.07am


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