Rooms of the Heart

I think hearts have rooms,
for all the emotions we feel.
With rooms some with walls thin like glass,
and others rooms we choose to conceal.

Sunshine and happiness would like spacious rooms,
uplifting and airy they be.
Contentment prefers comfier hallows,
Glee prefers instead to roam them all.

Worry lives amongst toppled piles of books,
Concern tries her best to sort them out.
Caring is the caretaker who checks in on everyone,
Melancholy hides mope-ly away in her bunk.

Wistfulness looks out the openings and windows of our heart,
Recklessness travels out.
Bravery sometimes follows him out,
though Courage does keep him in check.

Greed naturally runs the shady in-house gambling areana,
though smaller tokens he also runs,
Merriment mixes with the wrong crowd,
and sometimes wakes up next to passed out Pride or Regret.

Anger has constant bills to pay,
with all the damages that he cause.
Grief is stricken and is blind from tears,
lives in growing quarters with her sons and daughters: Fears.

Love the renegade flits from relative to relative,
and never quite settles,
amidst his family
amongst them all.

penned 28th January. 1:34am


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