So. I wrote a short story. Prompt I left myself over the school term that I’m visiting from my stickie notes. Perhaps not the best rendition, but thought the premise could be cool.

—————–Title: Painkillers————–

“Painkillers again?” Tracy murmurs, concern etched in her voice.
“Yeah..” you softly mumble.
“It’s getting worse isn’t it?” She looks at your questioningly, biting her lip.

“I’ll be fine” you brush her away, “it’s just some pain.” You try not to hurt her feelings.
“Carson, tell them that it has to stop, please.” Tracy looks at you pleadingly.

“Trace, I’ll be fine, really.” you gaze at her. “I’ll be fine, okay?”

“Oh Carson,” she stares at you, brows furrowed together
“You say that every time. And every time you come back worse.”

“I have to go Trace, you know I need to do this.” you avoid her gaze.

“You don’t have to..” tears well up in the corners of her eyes.

Your heart softens. “Sorry Trace, I’ll see you tonight, yeah?”
You put on your coat and head out the door.

“Stay safe…” she murmurs, watching your back disappear from view.

———- At The Lab———

“Ready to go Carson?” Karen examines you as you enter the lab.
“Ready as I’ll ever be.” you reply.

“Alright, plug in crew!” Karen barks.
Chase, Meaghan, Praulik, and Aaron plug themselves into the generator equipment.
Karen holds out your helmet for you.
“Today’s going to hurt like a bitch, Carse, you sure you up for it?”
You take your helmet, and put it on, facing your pod screen.
“We both know I have to do this Karen.”, you respond, steeling your voice.

“Alright, Carse. Stay strong, yeah?” Karen frowns at you a little.
You train your eyes forward, ignoring her gaze.
You close your eyes and deeply breathe in.
“It’ll be alright..” you repeat to yourself. “It’ll be alright”
Your hands are shaking and sweating a little.
Sweat drips down your back.

Karen looks at you, and opens her mouth as though to say something,
watching your state. A sorry expression crosses her face. She bites her lip,
then decides against whatever she was initially going to say.

She puts on her own helmet, throwing you one last look, before worriedly shaking her head.
“Aaron, start ‘er up! Tonight we’re plugged into Ohio.”

“Yes Cap’tn!” Aaron shouts, flicking the switches on for the Absorber.

Your heartbeat gets faster as you hear the click of the switch, your breathing gets heavier, your breaths shallower.
Your eyes close tighter, your palms sweat faster.

The next thing you remember,
is blacking out from all the pain that you absorbed.

14th April 2017. 10:59am. penned.

Painkillers. People who absorb pain.


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