There are jagged edges of memory and experience
that refuse to be worn away by the sands of time.
Neither do they choose to weather in the foamy, choppy
shores or waves of each of our mind’s seas.

They claw to the surface like long dormant, ever-ready lungfish
greedy for fresh breaths of air
gulping down animation and rebirth for all it is worth;
craving to steal the air that keeps you sane.

Sad songs have a way to resonate with the heart
and remind it of all the places in which it’s once before been cracked.
While repeated tears from the same memories
have found ways to carve canyons in your soul.

The cracked pieces of your being manage
to give you abrasions beneath the skin
The constant noise and chatter on the outside
is never quite a match for the voices and sounds that clamour within

penned 04Dec2013 4:11pm


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