Logic and Reason

The little boy was frustrated.
The strange men in their white coats kept telling him to do the same thing over and over again:
“Use your logic and reason, boy. Use your logic and reason!..”
How was he not using his logic and reason?
All he was doing was telling them exactly what he saw;
Nothing more, nothing less.
Was it wrong for a python to describe the heat patterns it saw off a mouse?
Was it wrong for a hawk to describe the ant on the twig as it flew through the sky?
Why were they berating him when all he was doing was doing what they asked of him?

“For the last time I will ask you again young man, is there or is there not some fantastical creature of your wild imagination that you have concocted rampaging about this room?..” The psychologist huffed. Clearly he was getting no where with the therapy of this young boy.

The boy was about to open his mouth to tell the examiner that ‘thing’ the psychologist was referring to had a name and didn’t like being referred to otherwise. Just then however, he saw the figure behind the man raise a black bony and shadowy finger to what should have been its lips. And so, the boy fell silent, went mute, and said not a word.

penned. 24/2/2014. 1:40am.
Reading theories tonight has left me disturbed.
What on earth is reality? Who determines it? Is any one person’s reality less valid than another’s?


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