Human-shaped hole; friend, where did you go?

sometimes you have to wonder what if you had kept contact with all your friends,
what would happen if you simply made amends.
sometimes you have to wonder if the fault is all your own,
and that nothing would change even if you did atone.
you have to wonder if it is because you are simply flawed,
that things really wouldn’t change even if you used an effort that even they’d applaud.
you have to wonder if they are only just in your past,
and that they were bound to be something that wouldn’t last.
sure if would be nice to have a change,
but you are not one who is privy to what destiny and fate wish to arrange.

surely it hurts deeply to have a void;
especially one that’s shape seems distinctly humanoid.
you wonder if the breakage is a product of people’s change,
and wonder yet again if that is something a higher power itself has chosen to arrange.

You wonder briefly if humans could ever fight a war against the gods,
Then you shudder at the thought of an iron will being struck down by lightning rods.
You endeavor to accept the fate that has come to be,
but it doesn’t mean you don’t hope for a better future for as far as your blind human eyes, into the darkness, can see.

12:03pm 8/7/2014. penned.
because looking upon people whom you once called close is never easy.


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