Some friendships burn like a candle.
Some burn in flashes, like a match.
Some burn long and bright, though distant, like stars.
Some twinkle, letting you know they still exist though the distance and time is vast.

Inside, memories exist, smoldering embers of friendships that could always reignite if someone gave them a little stir.

Regardless of which, sun or match,
the littlematch girl was onto something, becoming enthralled by the beauty, even of fleeting flame.

So too am i thankful for the people in my life who have come and gone, and will reappear like matches, candles, stars, embers, flashing their brilliance and lighting the way on the road of darkness that sometimes is life.

25th March 2017, 21:59pm. penned
Embers of my heart
the train ride home.
Some friendships can be rekindled if you only just try.
A song dedication to my friends, both new and old. May we enjoy the flames, however long or fleeting they last.


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