if you could see the gemstones of your heart,
and read them for what they were,
would you choose to do it?
even if it meant learning regret at the cost of everything you have now?,
even if it were the cost of finally knowing who you really were.

We fear not the obstacles we have no knowledge of,
only the ones that we can see.
perhaps that is sometimes why
the blind are perhaps the most free.

Foresight is as much a hindrance as it is helpful,
sometimes, perhaps even more so.
There are a great many things in life
you and I, at the core of it, would really rather not know.

Fear is said to cloud the heart,
yet keep the body alive.
If our hearts are not part of the latter,
is there not something of which we have all been deprived?

The loftiness of living ideals,
when of corrupted matter I am made,
is a task too daunting of which to speak
like fire trying to be water,
is something nature itself has long ago forbade.


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