Faceted Personalities

I’ve always had this visual analogy in my head, that people are like stones; cut gems.

facets of their personality are like facets on a stone.
but more than that, for every person in our lives, we have a separate facet that faces them, just them. Our interaction-styles and personality are tailored just for them.

These other people have facets that lie flush against ours, creating a vacuum in which both entities exist.

The more time and energy we spend with a particular person, the larger that facet grows, till outside of that vacuum, to outsiders, we become reflections or compliments of the people we spend the most time with.

Sometimes when we cherish people but no longer interact with them, we do our best to shield those sides of our personality -those facets- from outside wear; the abrasion of time, distance, and memory loss.
Sometimes, we willingly let go, and let the other facets of our lives eclipse these old forgotten facets, sometimes succeeding in eradicating them from the surface of our psyche, and sometimes we find ourselves tripping over a residual notch leftover.

When we isolate ourselves, perhaps we become like spheres, refusing to let any properly rest against our surface. Any relationship thereafter is a constant careful balancing act. And perhaps, given time, even purposeful balancing acts can erode away the shields that are our curved sides.

penned. 28/04/2016 12:21pm
visual thoughts in words


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