apprehensive, was what the cat first thought when it lifted its paw to tap the ball of yarn.
curious, was what it thought when it gave it just a little push.
playful, was what it felt when it gained enough courage and assurance to bat it around.
gleeful, was its feelings when it chased the ball all over the house.
happy, was how it felt as it hugged the diminishing but ever-precious ball of yarn to its chest.
satisfied, was how it felt as it reveled in its woolen goodness and fell asleep in its embrace.

tired, was how the cat felt as it woke up from its nap, irked by the cumbersome strands of yarn that encircled it.
frustrated, was the feeling as it struggled vainly to be free
angry, was how it felt, as it hissed at the very thing that not so long ago made it smile.
bitter, was the feeling, now that the ball was completely unwound and nothing left of interest remained.
sullen, was the emotion, as the cat began to look for a new plaything around the house.
sulky, the cat’s mood when it found nothing quite much better

A day later, the same cat was found contently snuggled up and entangled in the same mess of yarn, all over again.

penned. 25/02/2014 1:51am
A metaphor for relationships. somewhat


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