tendrils of darkness trace a finger up her thighs
stuck and unmoving, all she can muster, is to ask why?
why visions of darkness plague few, except her
left sorely wondering whose wrath did she incur?

Has it been a lack of faith in God that has led all to this?
Or is it just a day of work a guardian angel decided to miss?
If you’ve been visited by darkness once, does it get to choose to stay with you for life?
Would then choosing escape be justified if done with a knife?

If I believe that pain exists because there exists something to learn,
then this is one thing I thoroughly cannot discern.
sleep paralysis, hallucinations, why won’t you go away?
Why do you plague me at night, but not in the day?

If you are all false as everyone says to me,
Then why does daylight hold power over you, how can that be?
It has come to a point that I sleep best when it is dawn,
inside I feel sad that people know not the stories behind a yawn.

penned. 10th November 2013


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