salt, and it’s ability to make things taste sweet:

If someone asks you for something sweet,
Give not sugar, but give them salt.
Contrary to what you think,
The above lines are not written in a fault.

If sugar is all you ever ate,
immunity to sweetness you would gain,
would then not these crazy words
then actually be quite sane?

If too much of a good thing can exist,
why not the problem of the non-existence of something bad?
What of all the worthwhile experiences
of which you’ve ever had?

Sure, you were hurt when you were crying,
but did you not become stronger when it had cleared?
Did you not learn valuable lessons,
when you faced the very things you feared?

Did you not relish that feeling of triumph,
when you had before faced bitter defeat?
Were you not a better person,
when pride and humility met at your feet?

If someone asks you where you get this crazy notion from,
that salt can somehow make things sweet
Tell them that life’s ups, and downs
by themselves are not complete.

penned. 28/2/2014, 12:47am
…this took so long. sigh.


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